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Partnering with industry

Partnering with Industry 

North Kellyville Public School will be a lighthouse school that implements modern teaching approaches with the intent of best preparing students for a rapidly changing society where many ‘soft-skills’ are regarded just as highly as technical skills and knowledge. In 2015 the Australian Government announced the National Innovation and Science Agenda. North Kellyville Public School will focus on two of the four key pillars identified in the report: 

  • Taking the leap: backing Australian entrepreneurs by opening up new sources of finance, embracing risk, taking on innovative ideas, and making more of our public research. At North Kellyville Public School, students will develop entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, the drive to innovate and confidence to take risks.
  • Working together: increasing collaboration between industry and researchers to find solutions to real world problems and to create jobs and growth. At North Kellyville Public School, students will benefit from partnerships with industry during both whole class/grade learning sequences and in the completion of personal interest projects where individuals or groups of students will be matched with industry experts to support learning. Students will engage heavily with the Scientific Method of inquiry, where they:
    • Ask questions
    • Complete background research
    • Form a hypothesis
    • Conduct fair tests / experiments
    • Analyse data
    • Draw conclusions
    • Share results
    • Reflect