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Student Achievements in the Community

Student Achievements in the Community

When students do something remarkable at school or in an event organised at school, they are recognised in appropriate ways. However, from time to time our students achieve goals, hit personal bests and make enormous community contributions outside school hours and events. This page is dedicated to the many talented and giving students at North Kellyville Public School.

Parents wishing to highlight their child's achievements in the community are encouraged to email a short blurb of the achievement together with an image they consent for publication to the principal Tom Moth (

At North Kellyville Public School, every student is known, valued and cared for.


Ethan is a superstar rugby union player who plays for Dural and is part of a high level Eastwood District representative team in the Under 10s where he plays outside centre and wing. Ethan and his team are competing in various competitions over the next few months.  They will conclude with State Championships held over an entire weekend at the end of July. Good luck Ethan!