North Kellyville Public School

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Kindergarten 2024

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Welcome to North Kellyville Public School

Welcome to the North Kellyville Public School. 2024 represents our sixth year of operation; a year in which together, we will move from strength to strength in consolidating what has been a successful infancy.

North Kellyville Public School provides educational experiences within state-of-the-art facilities. Our relentless mission to prepare students for an ever-changing and complex world is supported by versatile approaches to teaching, learning and organisation. Our school maintains many traditional primary school features and combines them with contemporary approaches including collaborative practice, student-centred project based learning and STEM inquiry, and personalised learning which recognises that each student learns differently.

Education in a changing world has a vital role to play in preparing students for successful, enriched lives. At North Kellyville Public School, students are challenged yet nurtured and work both independently and in groups to solve authentic problems. Students accumulate a strong repertoire of general capabilities including literacy, numeracy, creative and critical thinking, intercultural understanding, ethical understanding, information and communication technologies and personal and social capability.

Underpinning success at every level of the school is a relentless focus on the formation and maintenance of positive interpersonal relationships. Resilience, persistence and personal responsibility are key themes of wellbeing programs.

I welcome prospective parents/carers to make contact to find out more about the school and the exciting teaching and learning that occurs each day.

Please visit the page, THE NK WAY, to understand more about our modern and deliberate approach to education.

Luke Hogan