North Kellyville Public School

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Class organisation

Class organisation

Schools organise students into classes based on a number of factors however the teacher:student ratio is determined centrally by the Department of Education. The following ratio is an indicative guide to class size: 

  • Kindergarten – 20 students

  • Year 1 – 22 students

  • Year 2 – 24 students

  • Year 3 – 30 students

  • Year 4 – 30 students

  • Year 5 – 30 students

    Year 6 – 30 students 

Multi Age Classes

Multi-age (composite) classes are formed to allow staff members to operate in large collaborative teams, to enable student groupings to be fluid and flexible, and to better cater for the learning needs of students. Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2) students work towards the same outcomes within the NSW Syllabus, Stage 2 students (Years 3 & 4) work towards the same outcomes, and Stage 3 students (Years 5 & 6) work towards the same outcomes. Robust plans for personalised learning to meet the needs of each student ensure that every student improves every year irrespective of their starting point.

Home Classes

Students at North Kellyville Public School are organised into home classes and assigned a home class teacher. It is the responsibility of the home class teacher to know each child, liaise with parents, advocate for each child, and deliver part of the curriculum including drama, music, personal development and social skills programs. The home class teacher is the first port of call for parents.

Expert Teaching Deeper Learning

At North Kellyville Public School, the "village raises the child." Students are taught English, History and Geography by expertly trained teachers who blend explicit teacher-directed pedagogies with student-centred project based learning. Students are taught Mathematics, Science and Technology and Creative Arts by expertly trained teachers who blend explicit teacher-directed pedagogies with student-centred scientific method of inquiry focusing on STEM interdisciplinary units of work. This approach is supported by itinerant Learning and Support and English and an Additional Language teachers, while Assistant Principals who lead teaching and learning throughout the school connect heavily with each class.